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Making Proud Pet Parents

Workshops at Health Tails Academy

No time to commit to a weekly class? Need something budget and family friendly? Our workshops are designed for the busy Pet Parent who needs help training their Dog’s not-so-cute-anymore habits.

Workshops are held twice a month with various topics that are sure to fit every Pet Parent’s training needs. Spots are limited for more 1:1 time with our Trainer.

Please check out our Healthy Tails Academy Schedule or Follow us on Facebook for dates and times of Workshops.

Complimentary Bath when vaccines are updated at Healthy Tails Retreat! Contact Healthy Tails Retreat for an appointment.

Requirements For Dogs To Attend Workshops

Up to Date Vaccines:

Proof of DHLP, Bordetella Kennel Cough, Rabies(if over 16-wks-old)

Up to Date Flea Protection:

Monthly Flea protection such as Nexguard, Bravecto, or Seresto Flea Collar. Contact Healthy Tails Retreat if you need help with good flea protection.


Dogs must be calm and comfortable around other people and dogs. This includes no excessive barking/lunging at people or dogs. If you aren’t sure how your dog will react, please talk to our trainer to see if Hotel Rooms are available. You can bring your Dog, and if your Dog gets too excited during a Workshop, they can rest in a Hotel Room until Workshop is finished.

Leash and Collar:

No Retractable Leashes. Harnesses are ok. No Shock collars please. Dogs must remain on leash at all times. If your Dog does not do well on a leash for long periods of time, they may want to sit this one out.

Bringing Dog Optional:

Trying to listen during Workshop with an excited Dog is like talking on the phone with a toddler present. If Fido is too easily distracted, you may want to leave him at home. You can still learn just as much from workshop with out Fido there. Other dogs will be available for training and practice exercises. Please talk to our Trainer if you have questions about your Dog attending.

Potty Training
  • 60 minutes
  • Successful Potty Training
  • How to Use Potty Bells
  • Kennel Training
  • Training Product Selection
Door Dashing Divas
  • 90 minutes
  • Doorbell/Knock Barking
  • UPS Man Emergencies
  • Polite Guest Greeting
  • Training Product Selection
Lassie Come Home
  • 90 minutes
  • Come When Called
  • Respond to Name
  • Recall Whistle Included
  • Training Product Selection