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Making Proud Pet Parents

Play & Train at Dog Camp

Play & Train is a Dog Training Option to add on to Dog Camp for only $10/day.

Our Certified Trainer, Ashley, will work one-on-one with your dog in short sessions during their day of Dog Camp.  This can help them learn new things or reinforce things you are teaching at home.  Our gentle positive reward techniques will give you results you can count on.

Stay & Train

Are you going on vacation or a business trip? Would you like your Dog to have a safe and fun place to stay while you are away? At Healthy Tails Retreat we offer Boarding for your Fur Babies in our Pet Hotel!

Stay & Train is a Dog Training Option to add on to your Dog’s Hotel Stay with us for only $10/Day.


Training Goals

  • No Jumping
  • Walking Nice on a Leash
  • No Play Biting or Mouthing
  • “Go Lay Down”
  • Impulse Control/Hyper Activity Management
  • Stopping Chewing/Destructive Behaviors
  • Come when Called
  • Kennel & Independence Training
  • Basics: Sit/Down/Stay/Leave It
  • Walk Calmly past another Dog
  • Quiet Training for Excessive Barking
  • Trick Training-Building Bond
  • Successful Potty Training
  • Safe Play with Kids (teaching “Drop It” & Trade)

What is included with Play/Stay & Train?

  • At least 30 mins of One-on-One time with our Trainer per Day.
  • Consistent Training from each staff during Day of Dog Camp to help strengthen Training Results.
  • Daily Report Card with:
    • What your Dog enjoyed during Dog Camp & how they played.
    • Status update for Training Goal worked on.
    • Homework for Pet Parent to work on at home solidify results.
    • Recommended training products to help ease training process.
    • Hand Outs paired with new Training skills learned to strengthen the process.

Requirements for Dogs

Must Play well With Others

Dog & People Friendly *Please talk to our Trainer about a more extensive Training Program if you have experienced any aggression signs with your Dog.

Current on Flea Protection

Monthly Flea protection such as Nexguard, Bravecto, or Seresto Flea Collar. Contact Healthy Tails Retreat if you need help with good flea protection.

Current on the Following Vaccines

DHLP-P, Bordetella/Kennel Cough, & Rabies (if over 16-wks-old) COMPLIMENTARY BATH when Vaccines are updated at Healthy Tails Retreat!!

Leash & Collar

NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES! 4-6ft. Flat Buckle Leash & Collar. Nothing that tightens around the neck or shock collars. If you need help finding the right lead for your Dog; we have a wide variety of quality Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes sold at our Store that will give your Dog the proper materials needed for successful Training.


What to Bring?

The whole family is encouraged to come and check out our facility! Bring your Dog (on leash) and proof of updated: DHLP-P, Bordetella/Kennel Cough, & Rabies (if over 16-wks-old).

When are Drop off and Pick Up Times?

We are Open 7am-6pm Mon-Fri. Sat & Sun 8am-12pm & 4-6pm.

My Dog is shy, can they still attend Dog Camp or Play & Train?

YES! We listen to what your Dog is saying and only put them in play group they feel comfortable in. Dog Camp is divided into different Play Groups to match your Dog’s unique energy and play style. Our Trainer has set up Socialization Levels for our Staff to follow to help shy Dogs learn how to properly socialize.

Pet Parent Testimonials

Lynne Donnelly
Strong Puller-Dog Parent
Our dog Remy,a mixed breed-Great Dane-spent 4 fun filled days at Healthy Tails Retreat. A member of the staff even took a video of him playing with a large play buddy. They also continued with his leash training & helped him get used to new people
Testimonial image
Carol Shough
Shy Dog Parent
Luke Brian; our rescue doxie, loves the staff, especially Ashley, who is training him!! Luke has made many friends to play with when he comes for the day!!! It is a healthy and friendly environment for your pet! The training is in a positive reinforcement environment with great results!!
Testimonial image