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Dog Camp at Health Tails Retreat

Would you love your dog to be calm and rested when you come home from work? Adopt a new friend from the Animal Shelter who is a little shy? New Puppy that needs to learn some social skills? Dog Camp at Healthy Tails Retreat is just what your Dog needs!

At Dog Camp our Professional Dog Trainer has established a fun and safe method for your Dog to make new friends. Our Camp Counselors will always supervise and keep Dogs engaged in fun activities to run out energy and stimulate their mind.

What is Dog Camp?

  • Doggie Daycare
  • Fun & Safe Socialization with other dogs
  • Stimulating Activities to reduce High Energy
  • Snack (optional at additional charge)
  • Agility Fun
  • Trick Training
  • Snuggles & Hugs from Camp Counselors
  • Constant Supervision
  • Indoor or Outdoor Play

Dog Camp Details

Dog Camp
$20 Per Full Day
  • **Punch Card Special**
  • Buy 10 Days get 11th Day FREE
  • **Half Day Rates**
  • 5 hours or less for $10
  • **Sibling Discount Rates Available**

Requirements for Dogs

Must play well with others!

Dogs & People

Current on Flea Protection

Monthly Flea protection such as Nexguard, Bravecto, or Seresto Flea Collar. Contact Healthy Tails Retreat if you need help with good flea protection.

Current on the following vaccines:

DHLP-P, Bordetella/Kennel Cough, & Rabies (if over 16-wks-old) COMPLIMENTARY BATH when Vaccines are updated at Healthy Tails Retreat!!

Spayed or Neautered

All dogs 9 months or older must be spayed or neutered, for obvious reasons.

Dogs Who Enjoy Dog Camp

  • Dogs who are big & bouncy or little and lively
  • Dogs who are a senior sniffer or a pouncing puppy
  • Dogs who love to play catch, tug, chase, run, spin, you get the idea…
  • Dogs who love to play with other dogs!
  • Dogs who stay home alone, while Pet Parents are away
  • Dogs who don’t enjoy loud noises-house construction or fireworks
  • Dogs who love to eat birthday cake or jump on party guests
  • Dogs who need help making new friends

Dog Camp FAQ

Do I need to bring anything for my Dog?

Proof of up to date vaccines: Bordetella/Kennel Cough, Rabies, DHLP-P. You can bring a blanket, snack, toys, anything you want for your dog to feel comfortable away from home.

My Dog doesn’t like other Dogs, can he still attend Dog Camp?

Yes, we can still book a room for your dog to enjoy for the day. We will provide blankets, water, and a TV with relaxing music. Your Dog will still receive 5-6 potty walks. Play time can still be provided 1:1 with Camp Counselors, however will be limited according to other dogs signed up for Play Time with Doggie Friends

I have a new Puppy, how old does he need to be to attend?

Puppies need to be at least 10 weeks of age to attend dog camp.

Any Special Requirements for my new Puppy for Dog Camp?

Puppies must have: Healthy Vet Check, Negative Fecal Examination, De-Wormer, DHLP-P or equivalent, Bordatella/Kennel Cough, Rabies (if over 16 weeks), & current flea protection.

When can I drop off and pick up my Dog for Dog Camp?

We are open 7:00AM-6:00PM Monday-Friday. You can drop off your Dog and Pick up anytime during those hours. Ask about our half day rates.

Can my Dog also get a bath while at Dog Camp?

Yes! Please call Healthy Tails Retreat before you bring your Dog to schedule for a bath, de-shed, haircut, or nail trim.

What if it rains, or is too hot or cold, will there still be Dog Camp?

Yes! We are equipped to care for and play with Dogs during all weather. We have four Dog Camp yards made of artificial grass that are cleaned and sanitized every night. During winter months we have a large Indoor play area that is heated and comes with soft blankets for extra cozy fun. We always provide lots of water to drink no matter what the weather. For hot months- we bring out pools for Dogs to splash, play and cool off. Shaded structures are also provided, as well as the same indoor play area with air-conditioning for those extra hot days.

I have a shy Dog-I would like to learn to play with other Dogs-should I bring him to Dog Camp?

Dog Camp is great for socialization, as we can provide a safe area for dogs be introduced properly. If you know your Dog is nervous around new people or other dogs, please talk to our Trainer first before enrolling your Dog in Dog Camp.